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1、 ___ Millie, where is Miss Li?
___ She _________ a speech on Chinese art to the first-year students in the hall.
A. gives B. gave C. is giving D. has given
2、 ___ Why are you so excited today?
___ We were told _________ a picnic this weekend.
A. have B. to have C. having D. had
3、 It’s said that an Asian Culture Village__________ inside the AYG Village in Nanjing in the coming Asian Youth Games period.
A. builds B. is building C. will be built D. was built
4、 ___ You won the first prize in the Physics competition.
___ __________. I made several terrible mistakes.
A.I think so B. You must be joking C. You are welcome D. It doesn’t matter
5、 There __________ still some apple juice in the fridge. It’s not necessary for us to go to the
supermarket now.
A. was B. were C. is D. are
6、 Linda’s father hates waiting in long lines. I think he’s just not very _______.
A. patient B. talented C. popular D. powerful
7、 ___ weather it is! We can’t go boating on the Xuanwu Lake.
___ Don’t worry. Let’s go to the Science Museum instead.
A. What good B. How good C. How bad D. What bad
8、 ___ Finish your homework __________ you can’t play computer games, Jim.
___ All right, Mum.
A. but B. till C. and D. or
9、 ___ Hi, guys. How was your party yesterday?
___ Wonderful! We had a big meal and enjoyed __________.
A. themselves B. myself C. yourselves D. ourselves
10、 ___ film do you prefer, Lost in Thailand or Life of Pi, Madee?
___ Lost in Thailand. I like comedies because they often make me laugh.
A. What B. Whatever C. whose D. Which
11、 ___ I visited the Purple Mountain Observatory last Sunday.
___ __________ Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
A. You did? B. I hope so. C. Have a good time D. It’s kind of you.
12、 ___ Do you know Mo Yan?
___ Of course. He won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature _________ the age of 57.
A. in B. at C. on D. to
13、 Mr White, the principal, has made a great _________ to the growth of the school.
A. contribution B. progress C. invention D. protection
14、 ___ What’s wrong with you, Eric? You look tired.
___ I ________ to prepare for the final exam last night.
A. picked up B. woke up C. stayed up D. put up
15、 I’m surprised that John is only 25. I thought he was ________ , for he seems to be in his thirties.
A. old B. older C. young D. younger
16、 “What is success?” Mr Gruber asked his 6th grade business class. It was his opening conversation for the first class of the term.
“Success is riding in a sweet car, watching an 80-inch TV, and living in a place with at least twelve rooms.” One student answered, earning laughs from all the students.
Mr Gruber smiled, but shook his head. “Tom, that is excess(过量). That is not success.”
“How about being able to provide for your family?” A blonde girl named Sandy in the front suggested as an answer.
“Now we’re getting closer,” Mr Gruber smiled, “but try thinking about what you need and what you want.”
“Getting everything you want.” Tom shouted out an answer again, trying for more laughs.
Mr Gruber sighed. “ I believe we’ve already talked about excess versus(与…比较) success.”
“Getting everything you need, but some of what you want?” James, sitting in the back wondered aloud.
“Quite right!” Mr Gruber clapped. “Success is getting everything you need and some of what you want. The more you get that you want, the more successful you are. You do reach a point where you are living in excess, though.”
“What does this have to do with business?” Tom asked. It seemed if it wasn’t funny, he wasn’t happy.
“Well, Tom, think of it this way: the point of business is to make a living to support your family. Once you have properly seen to (确保) their needs, you can then see to getting the extras that you want.”
“What if I don’t have a family?” he continued to be difficult.
“Then you have to provide for yourself, a family of one.”
“He has goldfish to think about!” Peter, Tom’s friend, shouted out.
“Then he needs to provide for a family of one with a fishbowl.” Mr. Gruber corrected himself.
Tom nodded, satisfied with that answer.
“So in the next nine weeks, we’re going to study basic business situations, like having a checking account and understanding credit cards.”
Tom rubbed his hands together excitedly. “When do we get to start spending?”
“You already are, Tom. You’re spending time with us!” Mr. Gruber laughed. “Now, let’s see what you guys know about credit cards…”
1. What class did Mr Gruber teach?
A. History B. Science C. Maths D. Business
2. Which student didn’t seem to be taking the class seriously?
A. Tom B. James C. Peter D. Sandy
3. How did Mr Gruber make his class lively and interesting?
A. He himself kept talking’
B. He just read from a textbook.
C. He showed a movie to his students.
D. He got his students to take part in a discussion.
4. What do you think of Mr Gruber according to the passage?
A. Strange B. Patient C. Shy D. Proud
5. What can be the best title of this passage?
A. Get What You Want B. Needs and Wants
C. Try to Get More Money D. How to Live Well
17、 Imagine the situation. You are driving along a desert or on a mountain. You have no idea where you are. You passed the last house two hours ago. Then your car breaks down. It is night and it is cold. You have no mobile phone. What do you do? Well, next time take a GPS with you. This invention may be able to help you. It is a device(装置) which uses satellites (卫星) to find the user’s position(位置). It can find your position to within 20 metres. A GPS cannot start your car, but at least you will know where you are.
GPS, which means Global Positioning System, is a small radio receiver. It looks like a mobile phone. You can hold it in your hand, or put in your pocket. It is sometimes put into a watch or a telephone. We also find GPS devices in cars, planes, or boats. Some of these devices have electronic maps, so you know where you are. For example, in a city they can tell you the name of the street.
There are three parts to the Global Positioning System. The first part is the receiver. You can hold it in your hand, or have it fixed into your car, plane, etc. The second part is a group of satellites orbiting the Earth. The receiver contacts at least four of the satellites and calculates(计算) its position. The third part of the system is a network of ground stations. They are all over the world. They control the satellites and make sure they are working well.
Some people think that in the future the GPS will be as common as the mobile. They are becoming cheaper and more and more accurate(精确的). There are also new uses for the GPS. Perhaps they will become like watches. Everyone will have one and you will never be lost again.
1. According to the passage, with the help of the GPS, people __________.
A. can’t be lost in a new city
B. can’t find their way in different countries
C. can learn about the culture of an unknown place
D. can spend the least time getting to another place
2. We can learn from the passage that ____________.
A. there are three parts to the GPS
B. a GPS can’t be put into a watch
C. a GPS can help you start your car
D. the GPS are becoming more and more expensive
3. The underlined word “They” in paragraph 3 means “____________”.
A. Receivers B. GPS devices C. Satellites D. Ground stations
4. The passage is mainly about _______________.
A. the history of the GPS B. the introduction of the GPS
C. the shape of the GPS D. the three parts of the GPS
5. What can we infer(推断) from the passage?
A. All GPS devices have electronic maps.
B. People in many countries will use the GPS for free.
C. The receiver of the GPS contacts at least five of the satellites.
D. The GPS will become more and more common in everyday life
18、 TOUR A
Lake District Spectacular
The Lake District is famous for being “the most beautiful corner of England” and the tour introduces you to just that. Fantastic scenery of mountains, valleys and lakes from the south to the north. The tour includes a lake cruise(乘船游览), a visit to the 4,000 year old Castlerigg Stone Circle set high on the hills. You travel over passes, through beautiful valleys, see waterfalls and traditional Lakeland villages. You have plenty of stops for admiring the views and taking photographs.
This is a tour not to be missed.
When & Where Every day from Windermere
Prices Adult - £36.00, Child - £26.00(up to 16 years of age)
Price Includes Lake Cruise
Times Leaves Windermere 09.45 hrs, returns approx. 17.00hrs.

Beatrix Potter’s Favorite Countryside
The tour is the ideal way to explore the favourite places associated with(与…有关) Beatrix Potter. Our journey is through the beautiful Yewdale Valley, passing Yew Tree Tarn and Skelwith Bridge making our way to Coniston Water for our lake cruise. We visit the Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top farm where she wrote many of her famous children’s stories in this little old stone house. You have the chance to go in the shop and explore her garden.
When & Where Every day from Windermere
Prices Adult - £26.00, Child - £21.00(up to 16 years of age)
Price Includes Lake Cruise on Coniston, & Hill Top Gardens
Times Leaves Windermere 12.00 hrs, returns approx. 16.30 hrs
1. What can you see if you choose Tour A?
A. Yewdale Valley B. Coniston Water
C. Castlerigg Stone Circle D. Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top farm
2. How much will Simon, a boy of 12, and his father pay if they want to choose Tour A and Tour B?
A. £84.00 B. £109.00 C. £104.00 D. £144.00
3. When does the coach leave Windermere if you choose Tour B?
A. 09.45 hrs B. 17.00 hrs C. 12.00 hrs D. 16.30 hrs
19、 “My dear lady,” says Holmes. “You’re shivering. Are you old? Do you want a cup of hot tea?”
“I’m not cold,” the woman replies, “I fear for my life!”
“We are here to help you. Don’t worry about anything. I don’t know you. But I know many things about you. For example, I know how you travel. You came to London by train. You also ride to the train station on a horse-drawn wagon(马车).”
“Why, yes. You’re right. But how do you know these things?”
“I see a return ticket in your glove. I see fresh mud on the left arm of your dress. Now tell us your problem.”
“My name is Helen Stoner,” she states, “ My mother and father are dead. I am living with my stepfather, Dr Grimesby Roylott. He comes from a rich family. But they are no longer rich. They have nothing except a small piece of land and a huge old house. We are living in the house. Dr Roylott is using my mother’s money for expenses(开支). Part of it was for my sister and me. It was for our marriages.”
Holmes is sitting in his chair. His eyes are closed. He is listening carefully to Helen’s story. He hears every detail.
Helen continues. “My stepfather has no friends. He fights with everyone. He is strong and gets angry quickly. Everyone is afraid of him.”
“He has no friends at all?” asks Holmes.
“No. He talks to no one except the gypsies. They are poor people who travel from place to place. A band of gypsies is staying on our land right now.”
“Are you and your sister afraid of the gypsies?”
“My dear Mr Holmes. You are making me so sad. My sister is dead. That is why I am standing here in this room.”
1. Paragraph 6 beginning with “My name is …” is mostly about_______________.
A. Helen’s dead sister B. Helen’s trip to London
C. the house Helen lives in D. Helen’s stepfather and the family
2. What is Holmes doing while Helen is telling her story?
A. Walking slowly B. Listening carefully
C. standing sadly D. Writing quickly
3. Which of the following can best describe the gypsies according to the passage?
A. They are very rich B. They are afraid of other people
C. They live on a horse-drawn wagon D. They move from one place to another
4. The passage is probably from __________.
A. a novel B. a guide C. a poem D. an advertisement
20、 Scientists study the world and learn about things using a process called the scientific method(方法). By asking important questions and___1___the answers, it is possible to make amazing discoveries! Sometimes a scientist is___2___to answer his own questions, but if he has taken good notes another scientist may come along later who is able to use new knowledge to answer it.
When you use the scientific method to___3___an experiment, you start by making observations(观察) about something than___4___you. Based on your observations, you make a hypothesis. This is using___5___you know to make a smart guess about what you think could happen. Then you are ready to begin your experiment. All___6___your experiment you take down notes, which are___7___experiment date(资料). You are constantly making observations during this time. You may make discoveries that cause you to improve your experiment as you go.___8___, you conclude your experiment and begin to look over your notes to decide what it all means. Based on what you have learned, you make a final statement about___9___your hypothesis was correct or not. You have to have reasons and evidence to support what you are saying.
Using the scientific method can be difficult, but rewarding. Because all the steps are organized in a process, the___10___are more valid(可信的). When you provide observations as evidence to support what you are saying, your ideas are more likely to be accepted.
1. A. waiting for B. searching for C. worrying about D. complaining about
2. A. unable B. sure C. ready D. surprised
3. A. read B. refuse C. prevent D. conduct
4. A. hurts B. represents C. interests D. attacks
5. A. what B. when C. why D. which
6. A. without B. including C. except D. during
7. A. controlled B. arranged C. called D. carried
8. A. Obviously B. Suddenly C. Finally D. Mostly
9. A. whether B. what C. how D. when
10. A. problem B. results C. services D. aims
21、 书面表达(满分15分)
1. 表达你对南京举办青奥会的喜悦心情;
2. 说明创办丹麦文化角的目的:介绍丹麦文化,增进友谊;
3. 请对方提供有关丹麦文化的信息并邀请他们来宁交流。
2014 青奥会 the 2014 Youth Olympic Games ; 丹麦 Denmark
文化角 culture corner; 增进友谊 build up friendships
1. 文中不得出现你的真实姓名和学校名称;
2. 语言通顺,意思连贯,条理清楚,书写规范;
3. 词数80左右,邮件的开头与结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Sir/ Madam
I am Li Ming from Sunshine Secondary School, a YOG demo school of Nanjing.

Yours sincerely
Li Ming

22、 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词
Chuck Wall teaches management and human relations at Bakersfield College. He walked into class one day and told his students that their h ___1___ was to perform one act of random(任意的) kindness. His students did not understand the assignment(任务), but the professor would not answer their questions. He e ___2___ his students to find it out for themselves.
One week later, the students entered the classroom excited to s ___3___ their stories. One student told of distributing blankets to the homeless, another had contacted a long, lost friend, and another student r ___4___ that he had helped a dog to find its owner. Students were energized(激励) by the homework assignment and wanted other people to be kind too. W ___5___ the support of local businesses, the students made stickers to put on cars that invited people to do something k ___6___ for others. They sold the stickers and decided to donate the money to a center for the blind –not surprising as Professor Wall is blind.
Since then, s ___7___ kindness activities have been organized in schools all over the world. Many schools organize a Random Acts of Kindness Week, a ___8___ November 13, to celebrate World Kindness Day. Some schools use each day of Random Acts of Kindness Week to perform
d ___9___ kind acts, such as making a new friend, helping someone, doing community service, or raising money for a charity. Students learn to c ___10___ other people and think about how small actions can make the world a better place.

23、 根据对话内容,从下面方框中选择适当的单词或短语填空,使对话内容完整正确,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为1-5的相应位置上。

thousands of hopeless turning off so What

A: Hey! I met a student from a green school in Dalian.
B: A green school? ___1___is it?
A: It is a school which supports the protection of the environment. In fact,there are___2___green schools in China. It’s wasteful to throw away glass,paper and metal,___3___every class in such schools collects waste that can be used again and then sells it for recycling(再利用)。
B: Great! What else do they do?
A: They also save energy and tricycle things at home, such as___4___lights and saving water.
B: If everyone tries to protect the environment, we will make the world much better.
A: I agree. If we don’t, the future is___5___.
B: Anyway, public concern over the environment has greatly increased. There is hope for the future.

24、 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为1-5的相应位置上。
1. The school library is___▲___(开放的) Monday through Friday, 9a.m to 6 p.m.
2. I often___▲___(买)gifts for my parents on their birthdays.
3. The children all___▲___(跳)with joy when they heard the good news.
4. Where are you going to put your___▲___(自行车)? It’s so crowded here.
5. Some teenagers don’t know how to___▲___(处理)with their personal problems and they often go to therapy.

25、 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容,在文章后第1-10小题的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词,注意:每个空格只填一个单词
Sue and Jim were neighbours for five years but they were never interested in each other. Then one day, Sue saw Jim’s music collection. She noticed a rare punk rock CD that she also owned. At that moment, she realized that they both had the same interest in music and they started talking. Sue said, “I thought we had nothing in common(相同)until I saw his CD by the New York Dolls.” They are now married and living with each other.
Some psychologists (心理学家) think that your taste in music is related to (有联系的) your personality. As part of a test at the University of Texas, Austin, USA, volunteers created a CD of their favourite songs. The volunteers then listened to each other’s CDs and made guesses about the CD creator’s personality—outgoing, adventurous, happy, and so on. These strangers correctly guessed much more about each others’ personalities through their CDs than through their clothes or taste in films. For example, Sue and Jim love punk music, which means they have outgoing personalities.
The psychologists who did the test found Snoop Dogg (hip-hop) fans are likely to be energetic and talkative. People who like U2 (rock/pop music) are generally independent and adventurous.
The psychologists also found that Louis Armstrong(jazz) fans tend to(倾向于) be shy. The psychologists were surprised to find that rap and heavy metal fans were also shier and quieter than many other music lovers.

Title: Music and ___1___
An opinion  Your ___2___ in music is related to your personality.
Findings One’s clothes or taste in films is ___3___ important than his/her CDs in a test of
guessing about one’s personality.
It is ___4___ that hip-hop fans are energetic and talkative.
People who ___5___ rock or pop music are usually independent and adventurous.
Jazz fans tend to be ___6___ and intelligent.
It’s ___7___ that rap and heavy metal fans are shier and quieter than many other music lovers
An ___8___ ___9___Sue and Jim were neighbours for five years, they were never interested in each other.
After Sue noticed they both had rare punk rock CDs, she found they had ___10___ in common.
They are now married and living with each other.

26、 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为1-6的相应位置上。
1. If you don’t tell me what the problem is, I can’t___▲___(help) you.
2. Miss Li is a kind teacher and she always talks to us___▲___(gentle).
3. The teacher told us that the gravity on Mars___▲___(be) only about three-eighth of that on Earth.
4. Mr Black has been in China for three years and now he is used to___▲___(eat) Chinese food.
5. The Eiffel Tower, a cultural icon of France, was completed at the end of the___▲___(nineteen) century.
6. It is worth___▲___(mention) that Nanjing has entered Top 10 Appealing Chinese Cities.