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I have a friend named Monty Roberts who owns a horse ranch(牧马场). He has let me use his 1 to raise money for youth at risk programs.
The last time I was there he told me his story. when he was young, his family is too 2 to have a house to live in. As a 3 , when he was in high school, he was asked to write a paper about___4 he wanted to be and do when he grew up. That night he wrote a seven-page paper describing his goal of 5 a horse ranch. He also drew a picture to show a 4,000-square-foot house that would sit on a beautiful farm. The next day he handed it in to his 6 . Two days later he received his paper back. On the front page was a large red F. Roberts asked, “Why did I receive an F?” He teacher said, “This is a(an) 7 dream for a young boy like you.
Owning a horse ranch requires a lot of money.” Then the teacher added, “If you will rewrite this paper with a more realistic goal, I will reconsider your 8 .”
The boy went home and thought about it for a 9 and hard time. He asked his father what he should do. His father said, “Look, son, you have to 10 your own mind on this. Finally, after sitting with it for a week, the boy turned in the same paper, making no 11 at all. He told his teacher “you could keep the F and I 12 keep my dream.
Monty tell me this 13 because I am sitting in his 4,000-square-foot house in the middle of my 200-acre horse ranch. He said a lot of kids’s 14 can be stole. Don't let anyone steal your dreams. Follow your heart, no matter what. 15 he had enough gumption(毅力) not to give up my dream.
1. A. name B. company C. ranch D. school
2. A. small B. busy C. poor D. lazy
3. A. present B. return C. punishment D. result
4. A. what B. which C. whom D. who
5. A. renting B. donating C. owning D. kitchen
6. A. teacher B. father C. friend D.wife
7. A. surprised B. great C. terrible D. unrealistic
8. A. work B. grade C. family D. ability
9. A. easy B. long C. short D. hurry
10. A. change B. rewrite C. have D. give up
11. A. decision B. reason C. excuse D. changes
12. A. never B. still C. sometimes D. even
13. A. square B. story C. house D. teacher
14. A. money B. house C. dream D. hobbies
15. A. Quickly B. Suddenly C. Unluckily D. Fortunately

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Will you be excited when you finally get to relax?
What will the Junior 3 students do to celebrate after the senior high school entrance exams in June? Here, three of them tell us what they plan to do after the big exam.
Li Junzhe, 15, Huaihua, Hunan:
My friends and I will travel to Beijing and the Shanghai Expo right after the exam. We planned to go by ourselves but were turned down by our parents. They said we were too young to travel alone. Actually I'm okay with it because I've already traveled by myself.
Zhu Hangian, 15, Dexing, Jiangxi:
What am I going to do this summer? Of course I'll go to see the Shanghai Expo! But before that, I will watch movies. Because of the big exam, I haven't seen any movies for a long time. I will watch whatever is in the cinema! As for the Expo, I can't wait to see the seeds in the UK Pavilion.
Dong Xu, 14, Dalian, Liaoning:
I will, no doubt, play computer games for days after the big exam. My mother never let me during the past few years. I can't imagine how exciting it will be now. Also my friends and I will go to see the Shanghai Expo. The first must-see on my list is the Liaoning Pavilion, our home pavilion. I'm curious (好奇的) about what we are showing to the world there.
1. The underlined word "Pavilion." means _______ in Chinese.
A. 场馆 B. 水族馆 C. 溜冰场 D. 台球馆
2. Who has the experience of travelling alone?
A. Dong Xu B. Nobody C. Zhu Hangjian D. Li Junzhe
3. Zhu Hangian will ________ before traveling to Shanghai.
A. watch movies at home B. play computer games
C. see films in the cinema D. go to Beijing with his friends
4. The three students will be excited about their summer plans because_______.
A. they will go to see the Shanghai Expo B. they all want to see movies
C. they will play games for days D. they will travel to Beijing
5. What is the best title for this passage?
A. A Plan To The Shanghai Expo B. Summer fun ahead!
C. A trip To Shanghai D. The Big Exam

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house, smile, keep, happy, listen, money, all, look, ill, friend, travel, be

How can you get happiness? You may say that happiness requires nice comforts like a 1 , a car, big bank balance, a high paying job.
Here in India where I live, I have 2 through villages where people seemed to earn just enough to make ends meet. I have seen happiness there. I have seen 3 faces and smiling eyes that readily gave me directions. They were very 4 and made my journey easier.
I have also worked for 3 years on Wall Street, in a big Investment Bank. I have seen some people with a lot of 5 but still unhappy. I am not saying that all rich are unhappy (or the poor, happy). But the fact that there 6 some rich people who look angry or listless (无精打采的) and there are some poor people who 7 happy, points out that there must be something else to 8 , than just money, luxury (奢侈品) and comfort.
Happiness, it seems, is not a factor of how much you have. You can feel happy 9 to a good song, you can feel happy watching a beautiful sunrise, you can feel happy in any number of ways that don’t require any possessions at 10 .

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The story of Tom Sawyer ______ in Missouri, America, in the 19th century.
A. had happened B. was happening
C. has happened D. happened

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The volunteer spoke as__________ as she could to make the visitors understand her.
A)clearly B)more clearly C)most clearly D)the most clearly

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Qi Haoran, a Junior 1 student, was quite busy over the past winter vacation – and not just with homework. Qi, together with 10 other classmates made a volunteer group to call on people to join the Clean Your Plate Campaign (“光盘行动”).
The 11 students went to many restaurants and told people the importance of saving food. “Excuse me, do you know that 950 million people around the world still haven’t got enough to eat? Please don’t waste food.” They would say this kind of thing hundreds of times every day.
The Clean Your Plate Campaign began on the Internet in January. It calls on people to reduce food waste.
China in these years had serious problems with wasted food. CCTV reported in January that the food Chinese people waste every year is enough to feed 200 million people for a year.
Chinese people are well known for being hospitable (好客的) and generous(大方的). Many even feel that they lose face if their guests have eaten all the food.
Luckily, the campaign has got the support of many. In a restaurant in Xinjiang, the owner give the guests who have eaten all that they ordered a sticker (贴花). People can enjoy a free meal when they have 10 stickers. More than 750 restaurants in Beijing have begun to offer smaller dishes and encourage their guests to take leftovers (剩饭剩菜) home.
To reduce food waste is a big task, and it needs time. It’s important that everyone does their bit, just like Qi. Did you finish your meals today?
1.What did the 11 students do in the winter vacation?
A. The helped each other with homework.
B. They opened a restaurant together.
C. They volunteered for a campaign.
D. They collected money from customers in restaurants.
2.In this passage the underlined word “call on ” means ______.
A. 打电话 B.号召 C.拜访 D. 叫喊
3.The Clean Your Plate Campaign calls on people to _____.
A. do volunteer work B. work part time in restaurants
C. cut down on food waste D. wash your plates after dinner
4.From Paragraphs 4-5, we learn that _____.
A. wasting food is a serious problem in China
B. Chinese people waste the most food in the world
C. Chinese people want to show off that they are rich
D. most Chinese people are afraid of losing face at the table
5.What did the restaurant in Beijing do to support the campaign?
A. The owner would have dinner with those who had eaten up their food.
B. It offered a free meal to the guests who had finished all their food ten times.
C. It gave stickers to the guests who ordered small dishes.
D. It encouraged customers to take leftovers home.

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—Who is the boy over there?
—It’s ______ brother.
A. mine B. me C. my D. I

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—Betty, do you know if Tony ______ the photo competition?
—He will, if he ______ his project on Australia.
A. enters; finishes B. enters; will finish
C. will enter; finishes D. will enter; will finish

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A. It’s good to stay at home for you.
B. After the meal, don’t leave at once.
C. Could you give me a hand?
D. What rules do they have in America?
E. But I’m a bit nervous.
F. You’re supposed to leave before the meal.
G. It’s impolite to arrive late.

A: You must be really excited about leaving for America tomorrow, Li Ping!
B: Yeah. ____1____
A: Nervous about what?
B: I don’t know many of the customs and manners in the USA. ___2____
A: Sure.
B: ___3____
A: Well, it’s important to be on time when you’re invited for dinner. ___4___ Americans expect their guests to be on time.
B: Then how long may I stay there?
A: ___5___ Or you seem to have come only for the meal. When your friends seem to be getting tired and running out of things, it’s time to leave. The next day, call or write a thank-you note to say how much you enjoyed the evening.

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I hope everyone can care about ______ the environment and stop ______ things.
A. protecting; wasting B. protecting; to waste
C. protect; wasting D. protect; to waste

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